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AYB now offers a quick and easy way for Yacht Brokers, Dealers and other Yacht industry service providers to tap into the globe-leading selling power of Facebook.

Social Media marketing can seem a confusing nightmare, particularly for those whose early campaigns consisted of adverts in Yachting magazines.

AYB have established for their members, a sophisticated integrated network of “Yachts for Sale ” groups within Facebook, harnessing the synergy between the integrated network and the Facebook algorithm.

For it to work optimally, members are required to comply with precise rules to ensure their posts gain maximum momentum and contribute to the smooth running of the whole operation.

In return for a professional approach to posting, AYB promise sellers

“You can be sure your posts will appear to those of the 2 Billion plus Facebook users who want Your type of boat or service in  Your location.

– The highly sought after “Philosopher’s Stone” of Yacht Marketing.”all is explained step by step in our Guide

Associated Yacht Brokers is an English organisation based in England. We welcome all nations.

Our websites and each of the 40 interlinked marine leisure industry facebook groups are written in the english language.

The world-wide-web having been invented by the Englishman Sir Tim Berners-Lee and given to the world without royalty copyright or charge imposed, our sites and groups are freely open to the whole world.

We accept members who speak any dialect of english or any other language so long as they can read and understand  the Queen’s English. Posts can be in any language that suits a sellers target audience. (It is very easy to get an instant translation online within facebook.)

This explanation is needed because every month or two we get some parochial USA citizen reporting a post because the boat is in (1)another country or is (2)in another language or (3)uses the metric system.

1.”WWW”  means “world wide web” which includes all countries.

2.We accept all foreign languages (even the USA dialect of english)

3.USA is the only country in the world not to have accepted the metric system yet