AYB Reach Out -AYBRO

AYB is pleased to present in association with Elmahrosa International

The El Alamain international luxury yacht & boat show Alexandria Egypt

June 2 – 6 2022

Buy Early Bird tickets now and save https://egyptboatshow.com

The networked groups on Facebook

Associated Yacht Brokers (AYB) is proud to present our Social Media Reach Out program

The “Yachts for Sale” integrated network of 40 Facebook groups.

With a total group membership of over 150,000 and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Who can post in the network?

The network has been designed for the specific needs of Yacht Brokers, who can post listings as an AYB BROKER

Other Marine leisure traders and service providers can post advertisements as an AYB TRADER

Boat owners with a single vessel to sell may currently post as an AYB MEMBER

(All posts are subject to the group rules )

How can I join ?

You can join instantly online

Go to the Join Page and select AYB BROKER or TRADER or MEMBER as appropriate.