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AYB is an association for Professional Yacht Brokers.

AYB Yacht Brokers agree to the  AYB Code of Practice and are issued with a certificate to reassure clients and buyers.

They have a Brokers profile page and are listed in the AYB Directory

On the private page for AYB Brokers are downloads such as:-

Code of practice,  AYB broker logos, AYB brokerage agreement

 Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

recommend only using a Brokerage that is a member of a representative organisation.


Through the AYB Reach out program,you can join at one of Three levels

AYB BROKER open to Professional Yacht Brokers

AYB TRADER open to other suppliers of Marine goods and services

AYB MEMBER open to a private boat owner selling just one boat



Free Trial








For 2 Months

Post one item at a time in  AYB Facebook groups

£4 for 2 months

For Private sellers with one boat or item to sell

View Boats forSale

See Trade Directory

Learn selling Boats

Private AYB members page



For 6 months

Post infinite listings in  AYB Facebook groups

£12 for 6 months

For Charterers,Boat dealers, Transporters, Chandlers & Service providers

Post listings on 

Be included in Trade Directory

Support and advice about Selling on Facebook

Private AYB Traders page

with AYB logos for your web pages. 



For 12 months

Post infinite listings in  AYB Facebook groups

£24 for 12 months

For practising Yacht Brokers

who will receive an AYB Certifcate

Post listings on 

Be included in Trade Directory

Support and advice about Selling Boats and your brokerage.

Private AYB Yacht Brokers page 

with AYB logos for your web pages. Printable AYB Code of Practice. AYB Standard Brokerage agreement