Own a SCI-FI Ride-inside Diving and Jumping Jet propelled Shark !!    €130.000   [ONE ONLY]

Own a SCI-FI Ride-inside Diving and Jumping Jet-propelled Shark !!    €130.000   [ONE ONLY]

This Seabreacher Z is the latest, most highly specified model. Give your passenger a real thrill as you dive and soar in this sleek, black, shark-shaped jet-boat.

The boat is whole matt black painted with interior of black / white leather.

The boat is equipped with a 300hp strong seadoo jet engine. (Rotax 1630 ace 300hp)

Surface top speed of 110kph and  underwater cruising at 55kph  !

You can come up from underwater to jump 5 meters high !

The boat can twist, rolling to upside down and back again just like a real shark
This model includes a folding snorkel, which ensures that the Seabreacher can roll 360 degrees (barrel rolls). This boat is currently the most luxurious and most complete Seabreacher in Europe
the engine has  run for just 20 hours.

  •  A  cool Black trailer custom made by Pega
  •  A go pro,
  • ipad (screen for passenger is built in)
  • Set with headset for pilot and passenger.
  • Set with VHF radios etc etc.
  • Service package worth € 13000 with all spare parts consisting of spare engine parts, wiring, computer readout, filters, oils, tools etc etc.
  • Creates a sensation just cruising slowly on the surface out of the Marina !
  • Email admin@aybro.com for the sea-trial of your life!