Simpson Lawrence for sale

£ 425

Haywards Heath, South East


Sailing BoatsSimpson LawrenceUnited KingdomCurrency GBPAs shown, bought for my yacht but never fitted. After a very close shave last year in the three weeks we were allowed  to sail for three weeks, when I was getting the anchor up in a NE gale BY HAND at 2am  , I have decided that as this winch  will not get the anchor up  as quickly as I need  when I sail single handed, that I need to  fit a 1000W electric one at £!500 odd.   
I think I can pull the anchor in by hand quick but as I sail single handed  I cannot juggle engine and anchor as I like so I think I need a remote winch as even though this is Hy Speed, it probably won;t be as quick as by hand ( I am very well built and do by hand.)   
The SL  works fine, though since sitting around  when I bought it  in my garage, the paint is peeling more  as shown, it was a bit flakey when I bought it from a chandlers in Cowes.    It never came with a handle so you will need one but it works with a screwdriver for demo and test.  ANy bit of metal flat profile rod will do .  I was going to give it a thorough overhaul and suggest you do too and all parts  are available from eBay  sellers
it is heavy, though I can  box it up and send  it to mainland UK and will get a price for this if you enquire.  For people in Brighton Marina , I would be pleased to meet at  Ditchling Car Parlk (NT) which is half way for me….*