Scarab – 195 ID for sale

£ 75,000

Poole, South West



Jet Propulsion Performance

The Legendary Rotax 4-TEC Engine is the most proven technology in jet propulsion. With over 550,000 currently in operation and three power levels from one proven block.

Direct Power Gives You Maximum Power

Unlike a conventional prop engine, which pushes water in a dispensed pattern, Rotax Jet Power concentrates thrust. An onboard impeller pulls water in and forces it out at a single point for maximum power. Less wasted engine power means more power in your throttle hand.


Advanced Safety

Scarabs are designed from the ground up so you will always enjoy a fun and care free days on the water. With Rotax® Jet Power, you do not need to worry about a propeller when swimming or skiing near the boat. You also have peace of mind knowing that your Scarab has a very shallow draft allowing you to avoid below water obstructions and the ability to safely navigate almost any part of the waters.


Closed-Loop-Engine Cooling

Protects the engine from harmful salt, gunk and corrosion by cooling it with clean coolant like a car. Like your car, every Scarab has a thermostat to ensure optimal engine temperature for engine reliability.


Drive Shaft Sleeve

Helps prevent the problem of wrapping debris, such as tow ropes and weeds, around drive shafts while other systems can only try to fix the problem after it occurs.


Lateral Thrust Control Delivers Quicker Reverse

Unlike other boats, which feature a small, plastic reverse gate, our aluminium reverse gate offers unmatched low-speed manoeuvrability to make docking a breeze.


5 Year Warranty


Our Boat Guarantee 

We understand that buying a boat can be a daunting task, we will be with you every step of the way. Your new boat will be personally delivered to you anywhere in the UK (or to your holiday home abroad *extra charges may apply), and we will accompany you on a full water trial. This will allow you to get to grips with every aspect of your new craft. We want you to get the most enjoyment from your new craft so you can confidently spend many happy years afloat.


What are the benefits of buying your boat from us?

All boats are supplied complete with a CE certified trailer & trailering cover


Reserve your boat

We will securely store your craft until your boating season begins. 

Full On-Site Handover & Water Trial

Competitive finance packages available on all boats


Brokerage service available 

Not sure what to do with your old boat? Let us take care of it for you 

Trade-Ins considered – Call us to discuss

Knowledgable staff / fully trained technicians 

On-site servicing available


Not sure where to store your boat? 

We have many storage & dry-berth contacts within the marine industry, introducing you to the best service and pricing in the UK


Denim Blue Model In Stock Now! Many other Scarab Models also available in various colours. For more information or for a full inventory list please call:


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Price: £75,000.00 Inc VAT / UK Delivery & Handover


Finance Packages Available