Comar Comet 11+

Price    £73,000 Now €72,000

Location   £73,000

( A.Y.B. )Comar Comet 11+
£73,000 Now €72,000

Comar comet 11+ fully upgraded & equipped for blue water and ocean crossing for sale.

It is for health reasons that we decided to sale our recently refurbished, refitted and upgraded sail boat.

Bought in March 2017 this SV has been entirely refurbished during 6 months before I sail her down from Holland to the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean and Baleares in summer 2018. This Sailing vessel has been designed and engineered by Finot, which is also a fellow sailor and this make a huge difference for blue water sailing as it is a strong and very reliable vessel.

Some major upgrades and refit have been going on along the way as well, please found here below the list of equipment and works carried on since 2017 and to this day (June & July 2019). (PM).

Dimensions are 11.84M Length x 3.60M beam x 1.60M draft.

Built 1985

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