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Quick Spa offers different product ranges thanks to the great experience and important acquisitions that allowed increasing its portfolio and know-how during the years.
After the introduction of its first windlass called Aries, Quick Spa developed relationships with different companies, first of all Nautic Boiler, the Italian branch of Atwood acquired in 1998.
In the following years Quick Spa expanded its business acquiring Scotti, a well-known company specialized in marine lighting founded in 1945, and CATT, a company with over 20 years of experience in mechanical processing and plastic manufacturing.
Then in 2007, Quick Spa acquired Sigmar Marine SRL, specialized in water heaters.
Finally, in 2016 with the latest acquisition of Item Mare business unit, MC2 Marecalmo brand and its know-how, Quick Spa transferred the gyroscopic stabilizers production to its facilities and applied technical improvements to provide greater efficiency and reliability.
Through these important mergers and acquisitions, today Quick Spa can offer different ranges of products.
Quick Nautical Equipment includes anchoring and mooring systems, energy supplies, a large range of water heaters and accessories.
Quick Marine Lighting includes the whole range of lighting products, from courtesy lights to underwater lights.
MC² Quick Gyro series includes gyro stabilizer models from X2 to X56 for boats up to 250 tons. MC² Quick Gyro stabilizers can reduce boat roll up to 95% and they are very effective at speed as well as at anchor.
They result to be compact, easy to install and the maintenance can be performed on board.
MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers, developed by Quick, are equipped with a mass revolving on a horizontal axis. A peculiarity that reduces significantly mechanical stress, produces less friction and therefore needs lower heat output. The system is air-cooled; therefore, it does not require water pumps or seawater inlets, like the water-cooled systems do.

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