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AYB Associated Yacht Brokers shared a link to the group: Motor Yachts for sale 30 to 40 feet.WELCOME TO THE GROUP! This is one of 40 in the integrated network of Marine Leisure “For Sale” groups administered by AYB. Everyone is welcome to join and browse. If you find a boat you like you can instantly add a comment, or (more privately) message the poster direct. Associated Yacht Brokers established this unique network primarily for the specialised requirements of Yacht Brokers, consequently the rules for posting are very specific and strictly applied. Designed for Yacht Brokers, others may post, but only if they comply with the rules and post in a professional manner, so it is not for everyone to post here. Read the rules and be very careful! – To save time and not give careless posters a second chance, rulebreakers are usually permanently blocked from even SEEING the group. A big Thank-You to all you members who report bad posts! It makes our job easier and keeps the network professional. Nautalia has the bits you want for your boat ! Specially selected for you by AYB – Selected for You by AYB high quality yacht and boating

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