Price    $6,500,000

Location   South Africa

( A.Y.B. )Yacht
South Africa

1963 Classic 50m/163′ MV Custos is partially Specked as a NEW Purchase-to-Refit for USD$6.5m and ready in 8 months from commencement of works. EPA3:IMO2. Option also for EPA4:IMO3. She is to be classed as a Commercial Short Range Yacht and also private with A3 Sea area certification. 85+ days endurance is possible with the 260t of fuel on board and water the same, and of course all the toys and big screens. There is a lot of work to be done to make her pretty again but well worth it. This is a lot if ship for 49m and $6.5m by standards. http://cliffordm34.wixsite.com/reanimeryachtworks/49mresearch We have brochures and the Specifications available with a choice of new layout plans. Www.reanimeryachtworks.co.za

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