For Sale 86′ cape Scott Pilothouse Expedition yacht.



( A.Y.B. )For Sale 86′ cape Scott Pilothouse Expedition yacht.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
For Sale 86′ cape Scott Pilothouse Expedition yacht.

Outstanding Expedition Vessel ready for its next adventure. . Contact Randall Burg for more information. 954 870 3667

– Built to ABS Class-1 standards and beyond.
– Economical 220 VAC / 3 phase, power supply system.
– $860,000 US million worth of luxury interior joinery work.
– 6,000 gal fuel tank capacity.
– 1500 gal, fresh water and 1500 gal holding tank capacity.
– Superior fuel efficiency and cruising range.
– Vancouver, BC to Tokyo, Japan on one fill up with approx 35% fuel reserve.
– Controllable Pitch Propeller.
– No diesel exhaust fumes on-deck.
– Very low main engine hours – 2,100 Apr/17.
– Sealed hatch watertight bilges.
– Five (5) athwartship watertight bulkheads.
– Hull layup is to ABS high speed, not trawler vessel standards.

No expense was spared, as Amnesia was originally built, at a cost of $ 5,600,000 US, including $860,000 US just for the interior woodwork alone.

This vessel was commissioned by the current / original owner. he is 76 yrs old and has owned power vessels since he was in his 20’s.

He has commissioned builds over seas more than once in his long yachting career. His last vessel was a 75 Symbol built to his standards and the owner is very fussy about his vessel.

The vessel has been painted once since the build and may have been 2008, (not sure). The hull looks good, definitely NO BLISTERS. Nice shine, likely because she has always been in the PNW, minimal sun exposure.

There are a couple of (minor) scrapes on the Port topside down low, where a crew member tied a skiff, alongside.

As far as resale is concerned, they left no stone unturned during the build, spending US 5.6 mil.

The interior joinery was done by a high quality cabinetry company and was all measured up, then built offsite in BC, then brought in and pre-fitted. All removed to the shop, moisture content controlled, then sprayed with sealer. Brought back aboard and re-fitted again. The removed to the shop again for several final coats of stain.

This world cruising, trawler-style vessel utilizes state of the art fuel efficient design technology. Extensively model tested at the University of British Columbia, Canada, tank testing facility. This hull form is designed to perform exceptionally well in a seaway. She has exceeded tank test results in the actual open ocean, heavy weather cruising en-route to California, not long after the initial launch.

Built to ABS Class 1 Certification for unrestricted ocean use and extended offshore cruising. The hull form and bulbous bow are fourth generation technology. The detailed model test results were used to optimize the proportions of the vessel and combine many years of design work. The vessel features a round bilge, full displacement hull form with fine entrance and flattened stern sections, incorporates a shallow draft positive flow propeller tunnel for protection.

The controllable pitch (CP) propeller maintains ultimate prop efficiency over a wide range of speeds, wind and wave induced loads. The CP also makes maneuvering the yacht a breeze for one man at any of the (4) control stations.

The unique bulbous bow is designed to dampen pitching and increase fuel efficiency. The single 1300 hp MAN diesel with a large diameter 45″ (CP) controllable pitch propeller, provides optimum performance and fuel efficiency, making this vessel up to 30% more efficient than the average cruisers.

At a long range cruise speed of 10 knots, it takes less than 100 hp to move this vessel along with a range of 7,000 nautical miles. Top speed as designed and tank tested with the single 1300 hp MAN diesel, is 14.8 knots providing a range of 1700 nautical miles.
At 9 knots including the main generator, she burns approximately 8 gph.

Luxury and comfort for the owners and guests, this vessel is finished with a finely crafted Honduran mahogany interior and exceptionally detailed craftsmanship.

DESIGN PERFORMANCE TESTING: At the University of British Colombia tank testing facility.

All fiberglass material used, was unidirectional and no chop strand mat was used. The resin used was vinyl ester resin, extremely resistant to sea water, as you know.

The builder made up several structural panels, which they sent to a California test facility at huge expense, to get the ABS “high speed” rating approved for the yacht.

Even though the yacht is a full displacement designed hull, ABS (max 12 knot rating), after testing results came back ABS rated her as “high speed” (15 knots).

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