A.Y.B. Associated Yacht Brokers


A Professional Association for Yacht Brokers


UK based, online membership open to yacht brokers world-wide



Sets professional standards to reassure and protect your clients.


Provides professional training courses.


Conducts research and publishes results of interest to Yacht Brokers .


Administers a sophisticated  professional Social Media system .

AYB now offers a quick and easy way for Yacht Brokers, Dealers and other Yacht industry service providers to tap into the globe-leading selling power of Facebook. Social Media marketing can seem a confusing nightmare, particularly for those whose early campaigns consisted of adverts in Yachting magazines. AYB have established for their members, a sophisticated integrated network of “Yachts for Sale ” groups within Facebook, harnessing the synergy between the integrated network and the Facebook algorithm. For it to work optimally, members are required to comply with precise rules to ensure their posts gain maximum momentum and contribute to the smooth running of the whole operation. In return for a professional approach to posting,

AYB promise sellers “You can be sure your posts will appear to those of the 2 Billion plus Facebook users who want Your type of boat or service in  Your location. – The highly sought after “Philosopher’s Stone” of Yacht Marketing.”.