Extreme Trailers

Extreme Trailers

Manufacturing Extreme Trailers in Southampton we offer one of the largest catalogue of boat trailers in the country.

​With our on site CNC laser and plastic injection moulding machines, not only can we guarantee the quality of our product we are also able to design bespoke trailers to suit the specific needs of your boat.

​It is important to us at Extreme Trailers that you have the correct trailer for your craft, ensuring safe driving on the road and stress free launch and recovery at the slip way.

​All of our trailers are hot dipped galvanised and only use high quality parts including Dutton Lainson winches, AL-KO and Knott running gear. Our very popular colour range of Non-Marking Wobble Rollers are made in house.

​75 years of combined marine experience, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. With an extensive stock of parts available online or by phone, we can advise you with any repair needs or bespoke parts to have you up and running in no time.

Telephone Number

Telephone https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeTrailersLtd

Email 02380632535

Website www.extreme-trailers.co.uk

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