June 2 @ 10:00 am

A Brand new show in The largest Marina on the Mediterranean Coast.

Every Summer most in Egypt who have the time and money, progress to the Mediteranean coast for the comfortable climate.

El Almein International Boat Show is set in the largest single marina venue in the world. we anticipate up to 20,000 visitors from Egypt and around the world, providing you with the perfect platform to showcase your latest products and services, grow your brand, meet new and existing customers face-to-face and to drive sales.

With the media interest in the newest  and potentially largest boat show in the world, the event expects to host many product & boat launches, as well as present prestigious marinas and world renowned brands.

Early enquiries are already underway to hold an electric boat world speed record attempt and Jet Ski races to entertain the crowds within the astounding 8 miles length of enclosed water.

What can the show deliver? 

Research and current interest indicate that the visitors will include high net worth individuals from around the world. 78% Male, 22% Female, average age 49 years, average spend at Show over USD 1000 per head (excluding spend on boats), 84% AB visitor demographic with an average annual household income circa USD120,000. We are also inviting high net worth individuals living and holidaying in the region with an interest in large luxury yachts.

The show’s marketing campaign covers all marketing, digital and PR channels and targets core boating and watersports enthusiasts, people who enjoy the marine/outdoor lifestyle, families, clubs, marine professionals, locals and more.

Our marketing support includes *Blueprints for successful EDM and CRM systems to help you invite visitors and manage the exceptional volume of leads typically gathered by Boat Show exhibitors

A unique experience awaits you at El Alamein InternationalBoat Show 2 -6 June 2022 !

We are expecting many clients from the region who are in a position to buy anything they like .

On the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, El Alamein Marina is described by Wikipedia as “an upscale resort town catering mainly to the Egyptian elite , so many of your visitors will be motivated or very wealthy.

Exhibitors will be invited to a complimentary day trip to The Great Pyramid on the 7th June

Thursday, June 2, Noon–7 PM
Friday,      June 3, 10AM–7PM
Saturday, June 4, 10AM–7PM
Sunday,    June 5, 10AM–7PM

Monday, June 9, 10AM–5PM


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