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Dufour Yachts are continuously evolving, with the new Dufour 470 making it’s Show debut. Also on show are the Dufour 360, 390, 430 and 56 – which gives a comprehensive cross section of the latest models.

Each new Dufour yacht is designed for a pleasurable, comfortable sailing experience, whatever your cruising project and however you use your yacht.

Established over 60 years ago, Dufour design and build innovative, high-performance sailing boats. Marked by distinctive characteristics, Dufour Yachts are recognisable among the crowd, and stand out as an elegant, safe, spacious yacht with excellent handling.

Dufour Yachts are 100% French made, being designed and built at the company headquarters in La Rochelle. As one of the main local employers the company plays an important role in the region. With a production capacity, of more than 18.000 m² and 420 full-time employees, Dufour counts among the biggest shipyards in the world. With around 400 yachts built annually, Dufour Yachts controls the entire supply chain, from the project development and design to mouldings, construction and finishing, including all interior and exterior woodwork.

In 1957, young engineer Michel Dufour discovered a new material – polyester. Already a keen competitive sailor with a real passion for yachts, class rules and hydrodynamics, this sparked his idea to build a yacht made of polyester. In 1964, Michel Dufour started to design the ‘Sylphe’ transportable yacht. He took a lot of financial risks, rented a hangar and started production under the aegis of his newly formed company, Le Stratifié Industriel, which later evolved to become what is now Dufour Yachts.

Today, the renowned Italian naval architect Umberto Felci works in very close cooperation with the Dufour Yachts design team to produce the highest quality performance hulls, something for which Dufour has a worldwide reputation.


M315, M317, M319, M321, M323 & M325
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Dufour 470

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Dufour 56

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Dufour 430

Dufour 390

Dufour 360

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