Drascombe by Churchouse Boats

Drascombe by Churchouse Boats

Proud to be the sole manufacturer of the Drascombe range of boats, from the 15ft 6 Dabber to the 22ft cabin boat, the Drascombe boats are where it all started, with others following.
We work with a long established GRP moulding company, and along with the in-house woodworking undertaken (no CNC machines here) we are proud of the product we produce.
All fittings are british produced, and we are proud to work with long standing names in the marine suppliers industry.
With over 6000 Drascombes worldwide, the can get you to creeks for some lovley sailing.

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Sharon Geary Harwood

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Drascombe Longboat

Drascombe Lugger

Telephone https://www.facebook.com/drascombebycbl

Email https://www.twitter.com/CBLdrascombe

Website https://drascombe.uk/

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