Dad’s Boats

Dad’s Boats

Introducing The Pedal Boat.
A unique design, 50 years in the making, which allows two people to face each other and both pedal forwards in comfort. Just sit back, sip a drink, chat and take some gentle exercise while enjoying the water.

The Dad’s Boats story.
Dad, David to you, built his first pedal boat in his teenage years in the 1950s, a single seater to follow his remote controlled yacht, while keeping his hands free for the controls. A couple of years later, the next generation of pedal boat started to form in his mind, a more sociable two seater, which allows both passengers to pedal forwards whilst facing each other. ‘Cyclone’ was born and accompanied David on his honeymoon around the Norfolk Broads in the 1960s. 

David has made three two-seater timber designs; ‘Cyclone’, the oldest; ‘Cyclamen’, built in the 1980s, longer and faster and ‘Lifecycle’, added in 2002, the most stable. Dad’s Boats, a family business run by David’s son-in-law Stephen, has developed his invention and is now producing two models based on Lifecycle. David’s children and grandchildren have grown up enjoying these boats for years. Now it’s your turn as Dad’s Boats has created The Pedal Boat just for you. 

Our unique Pedal Boats. 
Handmade in Norfolk, England, David’s innovative design creates a very enjoyable and liberating way for two people to spend time on the water together. Our quality Pedal Boats allow you to sit in comfort and the quiet, smooth mechanism leaves you free to  chat, sip a drink, or just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Our boats are also good for your health providing gentle exercise. Physios love them as there is no harmful impact on your joints, unlike running and you will be surprised at how easy they are to pedal! They are good for the environment too as they have no engine and therefore no emissions and no noise.

Innovative design and build.
The sophisticated gearbox cleverly enables the power from both pedallers to be transmitted to the propshaft via the chain drives. The cranks are offset at 90 degrees giving the effect of a four stroke engine meaning that, with very little effort, you will find yourselves slipping serenely across the water at 3-4mph. 

As you would expect, the person facing the bow steers with an upright tiller – push it forwards for left and pull it backwards for right. Our boats are designed with a flat bottom which gives them excellent stability.

Durable stainless steel fixings are used and the hull is GRP fitted with timber coaming, tiller and rubbing strakes. For your comfort, our Pedal Boats have been designed with hard-wearing padded seating making it possible to spend all day on the water with ease.

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