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Designed and developed in Norway, Cormate offer a bespoke built, classically styled range of high performance family sports boats. Whilst well known and highly regarded throughout Scandinavia, as is so often the case with bespoke Norwegian builders, the brand is less well known over here. Cormate is the leisure boat division of Hydrodesign and are headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway. Those that follow offshore racing will be familiar with the name.

Established in 1985 Hydrodesign has enjoyed considerable success on the racing circuit and indeed within the marine leisure sector. Founder and CEO Egil Ranvig created the much admired Hydrolift brand, a race inspired range of family sportsboats, which he later sold to Koenigsegg cars. Hydrodesign designed and built the worlds first RIB to break the 100 Knot barrier back in 1999, powered by a single V12 Lambourghini and more recently Ranvig broke the Oslo to Copenhagen record with another of his creations. It is evident that Cormate boats are founded on the experience and lessons learnt from these high performance race craft, coupled with Ranvig’s expertise in hydrodynamic design and obsession with high quality and the extensive use of the latest construction technologies. Ranvig was at the forefront of stepped hull design and has now taken this full circle with the introduction of a full 25 degree dead rise “balance plane hull”. Unique to Cormate this hull form features a step back transom and air induction that gives the helmsman far more control over planing attitude and results in increased comfort to those on-board. This coupled with ultra light weight sandwich construction gives impressive performance figures. The current “flagship” model is the Cormate T27 Supermarine which originally debuted at the Norwegian International Boat Show in 2006, where it won the “Boat of the Year” award. This boat fitted with Mercury’s new 4.5L MPI 250HP motor will reach 44 knots only using 1.45 liters of fuel per nautical mile, a single QSD 320HP diesel will give 49 knots at just 0.97 Liters per nautical mile, pretty good for a boat that is just short of 8.5 meters in length. Ranvig has since developed the entire range to such an extent that now Scandinavian royalty count amongst his many high profile customers. During the Summer of 2015 King Harald V of Norway took delivery of his new Cormate T27 Supermarine to replace his Riva, his new boat now being moored at the royal family’s summer house at Magero, Norway. Given that Cormate has at its core over 30 years of world record breaking design and development experience, perhaps it should come as no surprise that this brand is setting the benchmark for quality and good design, we believe these craft really are something to sit up and take notice of.

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