Christos Karyofyllis SMPC Fiberform composites Composites & Boats Manufacturing

Almyres Bipe Megaron,


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WE ARE A TRUSTED NAMEOlympic/Fiber Form © has been a member of S.E.C.A.P.L.A.S, the Hellenic regulatory body for the small craft industry, since 1985. During these 30 years of operation, our company has achieved to complete numerous G.R.P and Epoxy based projects such as: more than 4.000 R.I.B.s for Olympic brand varying in size from 3 to 10 meters and numerous prototypes and molds for one off and mass production, Coast guard and Military vessels, personnel transport vessels and small light houses for the Greek navy, life rafts and life raft barrels, several water tanks of various shapes geometry and capacity for the fish production industry, hydro towers, thermal insulated water tanks for live fish transportation, domestic waste water treatment tanks and liquid disposal tanks, bus stations, GRP portable offices, body parts for the automotive industry, furniture and decoration parts, optimist type sailing boats, canoes and kayaks for professional use made from carbon and Kevlar. All molds used for the above constructions have been made in house.

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