Chantiers Amel S.A.

Chantiers Amel S.A.

P.O. Box 80015,
Périgny Cedex

Z.I., 8, rue Joseph Cugnot,

Périgny Cedex

Telephone +33 5 46551731
Fax +33 5 46454303

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THE AMEL SPIRIT IS IN CONSTANT RENEWALBehind the modern lines of our yachts hide fifty years of know-how, born from Henri Amel’s passion for ocean-going sailing and ship-building. Our equipment and design are in constant development to guarantee optimum onboard comfort, regardless of the sailing conditions.The AMEL spirit is behind every stage in the construction process, from the choice of materials to internal finish, along with the service provided to AMEL customers around the world. Fully designed and manufactured in La Rochelle, each unit is delivered by an AMEL technician, with one week to get to grips with the yacht. Owners can familiarise themselves with their new yacht and begin to appreciate the true pleasure of effortless, safe and comfortable sailing.100% MADE IN FRANCELaminators, carpenters, varnishers, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, riggers, deck fitters, upholsterers… More than 30 tradesmen work together in the design and construction of sailing boats. In a permanent search for irreproachable finishes, the selection of materials is the subject of all attention with priority given to French know-how.THE VOICE OF THE CLIENTBuying a yacht is a purchase like no other; it is part of a dream, a lifestyle that we build. For AMEL’s employees the conception of each boat is treated as a unique project. Active listening which anticipates requests, leads to proposals and facilitates the process until the owner takes charge of the boat and is guided with its maintenance. For Amel, a client, like a yacht, is not just a number, but is unique and part of the family.

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