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Cantiere Nautico Saver Srl

Viale Regione Siciliana, 34 Loc.tà Zappardino,

Piraino (ME)

Company portrait
Just the will to respect the building tradition of the ancient boat’s yards and to produce their own boats using materials and workers to the highest level, have led the Company to occupy positions of the highest in the panorama shipbuilding nationally and internationally. The range SAVER has developed before with the first production of purely open boats, which are slowly added Cabin models and subsequently completed with Walk Around and Fisher versions, able to meet the most varied demands of the varied customers. The decision not want to exceed the threshold production of ten feet in length over time has paid the Company, even under the Italian legislation, which over time has enshrined in its ten-meter the limit for maintaining the configuration of “natante”, and today, the entire production SAVER is not only identified as “natante” but it is also exempt from paying the Italian fee Possession.

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