Cantiere Nautico Cranchi SpA

Via Nazionale, 1319,

Piantedo (SO)

Telephone +39 0342 683359
Fax +39 0342 683331

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For a hundred and fifty years, beauty has been our benchmark.Our story began 150 years ago, building boats for those who were drawn from all over Europe to the beauty of Lake Como. The legacy of Giovanni Cranchi – who registered the company in 1870 – has been handed down from generation to generation, and even today, the vision upon which Cranchi Yachts is founded remains the same.Today, the boats we build are larger, with cutting-edge materials and technologies that represent a point of reference for the sector. But the promise we make to boat owners around the world remains unchanged: to combine pleasure with beauty. Coupling the unique beauty of the sea with the pleasure of owning a yacht that is the purest expression of the best in Italian design. Because beauty is our only basis for comparison. As it has been for 150 years.BEAUTY INSPIRES US, AND OUR PRODUCTION CAPACITY SETS US APART FROM THE COMPETITIONTwo factories in Lombardy, near Lake Como, real temples of technology.In the fibreglass moulding shop, complex air conditioning systems are able to replenish air, and clean it, 44 times every hour.According to Industry 4.0 principles, skilled technicians cooperate with robots in a rigorous process, every stage of which is planned and verified.Excellence is achieved with rationality and rigour, in the continuous pursuit of absolute quality.

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