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Candela Speed Boat AB

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Making boats electric is inherently difficult. A 7,5m long planing recreational boat consumes 12-18 times more fuel than a family car. At the same time, one kg of gasoline contains ~15 times more usable energy than one kg of the most compact batteries. Because of this, electric boats are not viewed as a viable alternative to combustion engine boats. Existing models are slow or have a very limited range. The current market for electric boats is consequently small, estimated to be less than 1%. The energy equation must be solved. Since 2015, the team behind Candela Speed Boat AB is determined to find ways to make electric boats with both range and speed. The team consist of some of the leading experts in their respective fields with backgrounds from Eurocopter (structural composite engineering), Saab Gripen (flight control electronics), Artemis and Oracle racing (America’s Cup, hydrodynamics), Scania (transmission & hydraulics) and the Technical University of Denmark (dynamic modelling and software algorithms). In addition, the company is managed by people with many years of senior management and CEO-level experience from both start-ups and large global corporations. 

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