BulDock OOD

BulDock OOD

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Walk On Water – Our MissionWe strive to make your ideas come to life.Our formula for success: high-quality products,innovation and continuous improvement of designOur BrandBulDock is a high-quality modular HDPE floating docks system.The Buldock brand was created in the process of realization of the world famous art installation “The Floating Piers” by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, whose main contractor was Deep Dive Systems.BulDock’s Modular HDPE – Floating Docks SystemDespite being a recently established brand, BulDock has a number of advantages over longtime players in the segment. In creating our products, we have taken into account all the novelties and trends in the modular floating dock systems industry. Numerous product innovations contribute to the overall efficiency, durability and safety of our products.BulDock strives to make your ideas come to life.Let’s build your dock together!

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