BT LINE SRL Planet Multi Store

BT LINE SRL Planet Multi Store

Via Simintendi 2/2A,


Telephone +39 0574 23395107
Fax +39 0574 605434

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Planet Multi Store is a leader company in the market of direct and online sales in Italy and worldwide, designed to meet the needs and desires of a demanding and curious custom.Buying in one of Planet Multi Store’s shops means choosing from the comfort of home and at any time a wide range of selected and exclusive products and count on a call center always available and highly trained.The mission: Customer first”Special people able to understand the desires of customers and make their purchases pleasant”The priority of our company is responding to the desires of customers and make their purchases pleasant. Throught these years, we are working for successfully transfering these values to the entire management.Planet Multi Store is also… on-line store!Thanks to our online stores specialized in every sector, we can offer a wide range of products that can be easily purchased with a few clicks, with the possibility of being helped in choosing the best of any product thanks to a highly qualified staff. In addition, as Internet user, you can choose to be updated on promotions and new product offers through our newsletter and to be advised about promotions reserved to our customers.Planet Multi Store is…Products always in stock.Prompt deliveries all over the world.Qualified technical support.Customer service before and after the purchase.Really competitive prices.HistoryThe origins of PLANET MULTI STORE date back to 1998, when Alessio Traversari graduated and entered in the world of work as a clerk for a large company that sold big brands and where he worked for about one year.In 1999, after a brief internship in marketing with a company of Prato, he begins to work for an engineering company in Florence as a skilled worker and here in over 10 years he begins the slow phase of creation of the business idea.He encounters many difficulties, but he did not get discouraged and asks to work for a few years only in the night shift and later only in the morning shift.So he could take advantage of the free afternoon to follow stages, courses and internships in various companies of different sectors.In 2006, the idea of creating a company grows up in his mind, but it will take three long years more of sacrifice and savings.In the meantime, he opens a first homemade website, simple and unknown.In June 2009, during a warm morning, Alessio decides, in agreement with his wife, to resign by the company he worked for.In October 2009 Alessio founded Planet Sub (now taken over by BT Line srl), a shop for retail and wholesale of material and equipment for scuba diving, with headquarter in Via del Castagno n. 51 in Prato.Throught these years Italy faces a period of financial and economic crisis, but after approximately 6 months from the opening of the store, with general amazement, he invests the savings accumulated over the years and put in the hands of a small company the web-site and the idea of on-line business he thought years before.In a short time he finds the perfect harmony with the internet working group, and all ideas are turned into reality, giving life to the new online store that now is the number 1 in Italy and in Europe.At the beginning of 2011 he takes the first employee with which he widens the sales.In the same year he expands the sale on the website to other areas and increases the staff in the logistic area and in the marketing one, so that he can buy a warehouse in the industrial area of the city where he creates all the logistics of his own business.In 2013 his wife Naila joined the company and Planet Sub turns into Planet Multi Store, a brand by BT Line srl.Few months later he opened the first “big” Planet Multi Store, located in Via Simintendi 2-2A in Prato for wholesale and retail with a selection of thousands of items of all kinds.

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