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At Bruntons we design and manufacture virtually every type of propeller. Our Autoprop and Varifold propellers are fitted to some of the world’s finest yachts and there will be one that is exactly right for yours.

Our Autoprop feathering propeller and Varifold folding propeller are just two of a complete range of propellers designed and manufactured by us. All are the result of extensive research, design and development ensuring they provide the best possible performance for the vessel to which they are fitted. Our Autoprop Eco*star propeller is specially designed for electric and hybrid powered craft and is already fitted to some of the most advanced vessels of their type in the world. If noise or vibration are problems on your yacht our award winning SigmaDrive prop shaft coupling could be the solution. To discuss your requirements and find out which of our products will be right for your yacht please come to our stand for a chat.


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