Bretagne Commerce International Association

Le Colbert 35, place du Colombier – CS 71238,

Rennes cedex

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Bretagne Commerce International is a non-profit association made up of private businesses located in western France. We have been commissioned by the Conseil Régional de Bretagne (Breton regional government) and the Bretagne Chamber of Commerce to:Assist Breton companies with their international development through collective initiatives (international trade fairs, business look-see trips), individual and customised support according to their needs and projects (export, sourcing, partnership, subsidiary creation), free workshops to inform on specific markets and on issues related to international trade.
Identify and support foreign investors considering to expand and set up their business in Europe/France with a stronghold in Bretagne.

In contact and close collaboration with over 4,500 local firms, we have a clear understanding and knowledge of the majority of Breton companies across all market segments, not to mention your next potential client, partner or subcontractor. We also work closely with local government and partners. Our aim is to introduce you to the right people at the right time, depending on the progress of your project, and to facilitate your installation in Bretagne.The Invest in Bretagne team within Bretagne Commerce International offers confidential assistance at no charge throughout the different stages of your project expansion: data collection, organisation of business meetings, site proposals, assistance related to all administrative formalities.Bretagne Commerce International in figures:45 employees
Over 200 accredited partners in more than 80 countries
2,500 Breton companies supported every year
Over 40 collective initiatives organised
Over 70 free workshops every year
50 foreign companies welcomed every year (tailored support, delegations for business look-see trips, buyer symposia).
1 big event every year: Open de l’international, gathering over 1,000 participants, offering 35 workshops and country focuses and  1000 B2B meetings.

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