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Bainbridge International Ltd.

8, Flanders Park Hedge End,

SO30 2FZ
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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A solid background. A flexible approach. Since 1917, inspired thinking and good commercial ideas have always been the driving force behind our success. At Bainbridge International we take customer enquiries very seriously and endeavour to find solutions to their individual needs. Leading the way in the development of the sailcloth industry has stood us in good stead to recognise viable markets, which in turn keep us at the forefront of market trends. Bainbridge International is always looking to the future for new innovations and solutions.The application of innovation. At Bainbridge International we have an extensive knowledge of the design and performance of technical fabrics. This, coupled with our ongoing commitment to technical development, enables us to develop sophisticated industrial fabrics and products for a wide range of applications. All our materials, regardless of their end use, are subjected to our rigorous testing programme. Only then can we maintain the quality standards for which we are world-renowned. This testing also forms the base for further product development – something that sets us apart from our competitors, indeed we have developed many of our own brands for areas as diverse as the architectural and medical markets through to defence and shipbuilding.Specialised solutions for specialist markets. Delivering specialised solutions to niche markets around the world demands an in-depth understanding of each market involved. That’s why at Bainbridge International we work closely in partnership with our clients to gain a real understanding of their business and to identify their precise requirements. For example, our new HSX-P sailcloth brings the proven advantages of a double ripstop woven polyester sailcloth to the Cruising/Cruise Race sailor.  This new generation of sailcloth demonstrates the further advancement of Bainbridge’s unique specialist expertise in developing technical fabrics which optimise strength, performance and quality.HSX-P has utilised the Bainbridge R&D team’s experience and knowledge developed during the creation of the widely acclaimed HSX-V Vectran® family of sailcloth. The finalised HSX-P range benefits from the shared knowledge and ongoing field testing of Bainbridge Ripstop fabrics.Our own brand, AquaMarine has an extensive range of high quality, well priced products that complement the more technical sailcloth product offering.  Comprising; deck hardware, hatches, tenders, cookers, offshore clothing, anchors and chain. The range of over 1000 items is available worldwide direct from our warehouse in Southampton or via one of our distributors. With new product development, we work in close collaboration with suppliers and external experts. In the case of Coverguard®, our world-leading Flame Retardant Temporary Protection System developed for the marine industry, we worked alongside internationally recognised bodies for the prevention of fire as well as several marine organisations. The result was a product that is cost-effective, and which conforms to rigorous safety and fire regulations. We are skilled in marketing brands, both our own, and those of other companies seeking international distribution. AIRX™, a revolutionary spinnaker fabric is just one well-established Bainbridge brand that we successfully launched.Global thinking. Worldwide resources. From our head office in Southampton, UK and through a network of long-established distributors, we serve customers world wide. Our trained and highly experienced sales staff can offer comprehensive technical support and advice. And because we design and manufacture products for such wide-ranging and demanding applications, we have a design team of product specialists who between them are skilled in textile technology, fibre selection, design engineering, manufacturing, engineering, chemical science and metallurgy. Add well-stocked warehouse facilities that enable us to respond to our customers’ requirements promptly and efficiently, it’s easy to see why Bainbridge International is uniquely qualified to supply the world with the finest quality products.Your partner for the future. With over 100 years’ experience in producing textiles and allied accessories, we have all your material needs covered. We can draw on our excellent technical knowledge of various markets and apply that knowledge to the most complex and diverse situations. Or we can combine our development capability with clients’ manufacturing ability to create real competitive advantage. Whether we are helping to solve a problem or exploiting an opportunity to add value to a product, we will work closely alongside you to provide a solution specifically tailored to your needs. In short, we will do everything we can to build a valuable long-term business partnership.

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