AYB Marine Leisure Professional Private page

Welcome to AYB Marine Leisure Professionals

You are entitled to post your listings (within the rules) on any of our Facebook groups. 

Use the contact form to send a link to your website with your full details, we may want to ask a couple of questions, but often we can see enough online to approve your membership.

Add these copyright images to your own web pages and social media

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Do you have a website and  facebook page ?

All Professionals should have both, please message us if you need guidance, or we can provide for very low outlay.

We can also initiate very powerful paid campaigns on Facebook.


To enhance the spread of our Facebook integrated network of Marine Leisure “For Sale” Groups

we allow individual owners to join (as “aybro members” , not Yacht Brokers) and to post just one vessel in as many groups as it fits the group title. This has resulted in exponential growth of the network to a total membership of over 120,000, greatly increasing the force of each ad in its own locale in accordance with  the facebook algorithm.

You do need to read ( and possibly re-read) the Rules


1)Not posting your item in “Yachts for Sale” 

If you do not, you will miss out on the exposure promotions exclusive to the Yachts for Sale  group.

2)Sharing a post from your own facebook page.
Posts must be “Sell Something” and re-posted as above 

3)Starting a discussion
telling people how wonderful you last trip was is very interesting and nice to read in a general interest group about boating. It is, however, not a Boat for sale and will not be welcome in a boat for sale group. People come to these groups to browse adverts of boats for sale
Facebook give AYB a simple click option to block incorrect posts and the posters.
Other posts will be deleted and the annoying person who posted them is likely to be BLOCKED from all AYB groups they have joined.
That means they will never be able to even see that group or it’s posts again.

4)Not uploading an extra photo
If your description includes a link to an advert elsewhere, a photo is likely to appear in the post as a result of the link, but that will not always be seen within the extended network, so you are required to upload at least one

5) Placind a “Wanted AD”

If you want something, look for it. If you want to advertise your need, do it elsewhwere – these are strictly “For Sale Groups”

6)Not posting your item in “Marketplace”

You can learn about  Marketplace here…

7) Posting a Motor Yacht in a group  with title starting”Sailing Yachts for Sale…….”

A Sailing Yacht has a SAIL !!