Axxon Composites SRL

Axxon Composites SRL

Sos Cristianului, DN 73, Km 5 OP 1, CP 255,


Telephone +40 752 010203
Fax +40 268 257427

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The top management of AXXON have an experience for more than 30 years in carbon mast manufacturing and composite industry. The team mastered all the technologies for producing the best masts, booms and rigging.The quality and performance of a carbon mast and boom depends on its conception but also on its manufacturing process which is very labor intensive. At AXXON the priority is put on the quality and performance needed to satisfy even the most demanding customer who searches for the best product at a reasonable price.AXXON Composites team is dedicated to engineering, production and marketing of a state of the art carbon fiber masts by using the most advanced technologies : pre-preg carbon, autoclave curing, female tooling manufacturing process. The know-how and the technical expertise combined with the enthusiasm and the experience produce a very competitive and professional team. Together we are unite by the same values of professionalism and quality requirements, in a company that keeps its human dimension.

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