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Axopar – A Finnish Brand of Premium Range Motorboats for Global Markets.Axopar ( is the globally renowned Finnish brand of premium range, multi award-winning motorboats that’s known across international markets for its cutting-edge design, performance and value.Since 2014, Axopar has pioneered a global marine sales phenomenon, offering customers an uncompromising range of unique and exciting boats, with instantly recognizable, cool, good-looks and state of the art designs. Boats that reward their owners and passengers with a thrilling driving experience, comfortable seating and versatile deck and accommodation designs.Worldwide sales have rocketed, with over 1,700 boats sold through a network of over 90 dealers, in 65 countries, across 6 different continents. Our rapid growth has been fuelled by truly innovative designs that result in attractive, functional, well-made boats that enable our customers to create unique experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.With a projected annual turnover of 60 million euros for 2019, Axopar continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, being placed 28th in Finland’s top 100 most successful companies of

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