Atana Musandam Resort LLC Freestyle Divers

Atana Musandam Resort LLC Freestyle Divers

Musandam Governorate Khasab Coastal Road,


Telephone +968 26 730888
Fax +968 26 730888

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Khasab. Musandam. Dive the Fjords of KhasabWe all strive to find that perfect dive destination. For most divers, it’s not just about the diving, it’s about the holiday experience too.All those years ago, when Egypt was a place we thought we were the first to experience, we were pitching Bedouin tents on the shores and waiting for an eternity for our portable compressor to do its magic.Khasab takes you back to those days. Although more developed, the diving remains unspoiled and pristine. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman. Khasab in Musandam has one of the widest bio-diversities of marine life in the world.

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