Aschenez Srl

Aschenez Srl

Via Otranto N. 2,

Catanzaro Lido (CZ)

Telephone +39 0961 020388
Fax +39 0961 1915024

Company portrait
An Italian storyA cliff with the surrounding sea joined in an infinite embrace which makes them invincible. In tribute to this symbiosis, rooted in our history and lifestyle, we chose the name Invictus as it perfectly embodies the respect we have for our land and our love for the sea.Beauty, emotion, respect for nature and reliability over time are the values that drive and inspire our choices and our mission to deliver a new yacht concept and the idea of a superior boat.EmotionOur efforts are aimed at turning the desires of Invictus owners into reality, while redefining and adding soul to tomorrow’s luxury. With our Invictus we design the future. Exclusive and premium vessels, designed and built keeping with the quality and style values for which the Italian recreational boatbuilding industry is known as the best in the world.

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