AQUA MARINA – POD International

Kapellenweg 31,


Telephone +49 8035 963929
Fax +49 8035 963923

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POD InternationalWatersports, funsports and trendsports are our focus. Special emphasis is placed on wakeboarding, but we are also offering products like waterskis, jetski equipment, aquaparks and new trendsport products like stand-up paddles. Our product portfolio includes wakeboards, wakeboard bindings, wakeskates, surfers, gloves, ropes and handles, boardwear, streetwear, accessories, fashion, t-shirts, boardshorts, bikinis, lycras, hoodies, boardshirts, x-mini speakers, neoprene shortys, neoprene overalls, neoprene tops, neoprene vests, impact or impact protection vests, nylon vests, jetski-equipment, balance trainers, waterski, comboski, monoski, wakeski, trickski, kneeboards, tubes, lounges, multisport, stand up paddles (SUP), aquaparks, water trampolines, bananas, mirrors, waterski-racks, ballast bags, towers, seajet bladefish and much more.

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