If your post on one of our Facebook groups has been rejected, or deleted it could be for one of a variety of reasons.

Did you read the group Rules ?

Our integrated network of around 40 “Yachts for Sale “groups on Facebook has been designed with professional Yacht Brokers in mind.

If you are another sort of Leisure Marine trader or service provider, or you simply want to sell your own private yacht, that is OK, but you must post professionally as a Yacht broker would do.

You must advertise an item to sell, with its price description and a least 3 photos, using the “Sell something option”


don’t post boats on “Boat Trailers for Sale” group nor on “Outboards for Sale” Group. and don’t post outboard motors on the “RIBS for sale” group.

Finally, before posting, you must join AYB as an AYB Broker, or AYB Trader.

So if you haven’t already, join now and re-post. It is FREE to join at present as part of AYB’s COVID Relief Program.

Most deletions and rejections are because of one or more of the above, If you still don’t know why you lost you post, it may be because one of our hard-working volunteer administrators made a mistake. If so please understand, every one makes mistakes and we have to reject at least 100 posts a day as well as approving 100’s more, please accept our apologies and make sure you join and post, on all of our groups where the title fits your item.