Amare S.r.l.

Amare S.r.l.

Via dell’ Industria, I Trav. Zona Industriale,

Pozzilli (IS)

Telephone +39 0865 253537
Fax +39 0865 912110

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Amare Group is specialized in stainless steel and aluminium processing techniques for luxury boat manufacture.Amare Group stands out for its vocation to make necessary those things competitors overlook, through functionality and beauty.This is what we call innovation.We owe our attention to details to the skills and experience of people who work with a passionate and professional approach day after day.Our products are of the highest quality thanks to the enhancement of modern design and attention to safety measures, reflecting what the Made in Italy is famous for.It is not by chance that our products, from the very beginning, have crossed the Italian borders, proudly acquiring influential clients and bringing the Made in Italy in countries of the Middle East, Asia, USA, Russia and Europe.The decision of beginning from a start-up project in the delicate art of nautical science proved to be a fascinating challenge, which rewarded us with extraordinary stories of success.Our first product consisted in customised tailored portholes for commercial use; then we expanded, completing a range for boats from 14 to 200 m in length.Our innovation ideology drives us to invest every year in a new product, guaranteeing our presence in the most important navigation showrooms worldwide.Our team is mostly composed of young minds; this is why we tend to produce the most unexpected projects, making everything more exciting.Our clients have needs which require our commitment and the feasibility of their projects.This is why we work on a rigidly defined schedule and have a prototype and testing area that exceeds by far those of our competitors.Amare offers customised packages which include a range of services: from the design to tests for the client, to nautical certification paperwork, to customised production and manufacture of the product.

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