Air Box Co., Ltd

Air Box Co., Ltd

2l, 116b, 687-5, Gojan-Dong Namdong-gu,

Korea, Republic

Telephone +82 32 8193690
Fax +82 32 8193693

Company portrait
Airbox was established in 2003. It’s the Airmattress,which is our main product since 2003. After the developement of the air mattress, we expendeded our products to cars, sports, rescue and camping products. So far, our growth as an air inflatable company has progressed since registering our incorporation in 2007. We are above others in the air inflatable market, underlining the intensive product development and research. As a company, we are leading our competition in terms of technology in the domestic market. We are constructing our brands worldwide through overseas markets.Airbox products are custom handmade from the indivisual ordering system.Therefore, our products are durable and we absolutely gurantee A/S after purchasing. We provide cost efficiency for the customer and ensure the best quality.

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