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African Dive Adventures Pty Ltd

P.O. Box 1563,
Margate, KZN

Shop 1, Clover Bay, Marine Drive Shelly Beach,

Margate, KZN
South Africa

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Dive CenterFor almost ten years we had our store- and compressor room right in the harbour of Shelly Beach. It was practical to have everything on hand including diving equipment, airfills and our freezers for the bait, but besides this , the store did not do much more for us. Some critics mentioned that without a shop one has no real identity… Since December 2014 we now have a proper dive shop and a base where we meet our divers, where we belong. To us it feels like a fresh wind is blowing off the cobwebs of African Dive Adventures. Although the actual shop is very small, it is definitely a fine place where divers find everything they could ask for. Our emphasis lies on quality rather than price, yet everything is affordable. In the meantime we have added the shop next door to our dive centre and call it the equipment room. Here we store all our rental equipment as well as our divers’ own equipment over night. The wetsuits are hung up on a rack and two ventilators all but dry the suits out for the next day.

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