Via Colluzio A. Croceverde, 82,

Palermo (PA)

Telephone +39 345 4957109

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ACM Ltd designs and produces quality products for marinas and small craft harbours.The philosophy of ACM lies in the continuous development of its products. This ensures that our products satisfy any specifications required in the projects of modern marinas. ACM now offers a complete range of top quality pontoons. The high quality of the pontoons and over 15 years of experience give our customers the confidence of having safe and profitable marinas. The excellent results in delivering complex and modern installations have increased the prestige of our company, both in the Italian and foreign markets. The continuous dialogue with our customers and the market demand for modern and advanced products have strengthened our position in the industry.Service• Consulting during both the preliminary phase and the implementation of the marina• Marina engineering plans and berthing layout• Determination of wind and wave climate• Pontoons and anchoring calculations• Final design necessary for the project pricingACM is experienced in supporting the customers through the different phases of project. ACM can assist you in future expansions and renovations of your marina.

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