A-Dykk Kristiansand AS

A-Dykk Kristiansand AS

Gyldenløvsgate 31,


Telephone +47 380 99555

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DiveAdvisor is a new service that will be launching in the 2nd quarter of 2013 and aims to be a truly comprehensive communication tool that caters to all elements and users within the Scuba Industry/Market.We intend to become the Global Standard for maintaining an online Scuba Profile for both Divers and Dive Shops and thereby becoming a key resource for Divers looking to research and select the destinations, dive sites and dive shops that best suits their needs.Our goal is to be an objective and neutral platform that allows user generated content to map out the real world as best as possible. We aim to represent all Dive Licensing Bodies, Dive Shops and Dive Sites equally.

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