Sell Books and Chandlery on your own ecommerce site

Use your existing website, or we can provide one for you

All you need do is register your choice of domain name and we can do the rest.

You can add Books or Chandlery on the Yacht Brokers Dashboard and they will also appear on your own website.

You can use your existing method of accepting online payments, or we can help you set up one wtih Paypal. We can even arrange a virtual trolley-cart so your customers add items as they browse your listings and pay for the whole cart-full at the end.


Or you can just add the items to our website and collect the payment direct from there.

Even if you have no Books or Chandlery to sell, it is possible to sell items supplied by some other website,(such as Amazon ) as  an affiliate. Again our Customer support can offer help and advice.


"Just one more way that we can help you boost Your Profits."