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The Transilvanian Lake District is Europe's best kept secret The EU designated Natura 2000 Special protection Area has some Lakeside land for sale - with Moorings also possible -


The Fizes Valley and the adjacent tributaries, stretch over 460 kilometers in Transilvania( an historic Principality, once independent, which is currently within the North West of Romania).

The District includes nearly two dozen traditional farming villages and is currently under the joint administration of two NGO's - Eco Transilvania and Ecochoice -  under the terms of a five-year contract with the Romanian Ministry of the Environment.
The European Union Birds Directive has designated this 37 kilometer long District as a "Natura 2000 Special Protection Area".
While the Habitats Directive has designated it a "Site of Community Interest".
Representatives of over 28% of Europe's birds breed here, comprising  One hundred and forty-six species, they enjoy an environment including 670 types of plant and share it with many species of bats, insect and amphibians. 
LAKE TAGA SUMERTIME (nb Now only electric power is permitted on Lake Taga)

With English houseboat experts able to source, evaluate negotiate and arrange contracts in the Area,

the Houseboat Centre can help your purchase be an easy experience, as well as providing local advice and contacts for the establishment of your home and mooring if required.

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