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'Blue Max' - Residential Mooring (99yr Lease) + Houseboat
Souter, Conversion
'Isle O Dogs Sailing Club' - Isle of Dogs Sailing Clubhouse

, Converted Lighter
Wima Dutch Barge Live-board

, Spud leg pontoon
Thames Lighter with rudder and wheel

, Lighter
Open To Offers Portia 3-storey luxury new conversion
D Percival, New Houseboat Conversion
Canal Barge to convert
, Canal Barge

, Spud leg pontoon
'A New Boat' - Huge Modern Home
Custom Conversion, Static Houseboat
'Howards Way Star' - Sealine Ambassador

, Ambassador
Custom Conversion, Cruising Houseboat
'Woodcraft' - 60' Modern 3 bed Houseboat
Rutherford Custom, Houseboat Conversion
Custom Conversion , Restaurant Houseboat
'Tintagel' - 70' Narrowboat with Luxurious Accommodation
, Narrowboat
52' Houseboat residential mooring at Shoreham

, Houseboat Conversion
'Sea Dart' - Aluminium Converted From Patrol Boat
Cygnus Marine, Aluminium Patrol boat converted to Superyacht
'Belladonna' - 2007 Widebeam
custom, Liveaboard
'Penelope' - Dutch Barge Secure Residential Mooring
Dutch, Custom cruising Houseboat Conversion
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